Why Last-Minute Holiday Shopping is BAD

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Besides the internal panic and traffic, there are actually more reasons to avoid last-minute holiday shopping. While it’s hard to squeeze in an early schedule to buy your loved ones presents, maybe you’d want to reconsider and put more effort if you remember why last-minute holiday shopping can be the absolute worst.

You spend more on expedited shipping fees.

Many customers favor online shopping thanks to its overall convenience. However, last-minute holiday buying on the internet is just as bad as doing it in stores. A lot of the added expense shoppers get comes from expedited shipping fees. So if you miss out on ‘free shipping’ promos close to the holidays, you might even have to pay extra for guaranteed next-day delivery.

Good deals will be tough to find and coupons might be scarce.

Retailers tend to offer deals and coupons early in the holiday shopping season in order to boost sales. As the holiday gets closer, retailers don’t need to offer as many incentives to get customers. That’s because they know you are desperate. You also miss out on valuable coupon savings because everything has been redeemed. 

You won’t be able to browse and compare gift choices.

One good money-saving strategy is browsing your desired items through different stores and comparing the prices first. You won’t have enough time to research their prices with last-minute dashes to the store. If you start tracking your products way before the holidays, you can easily pounce when they’re at the lowest price.

Alternative presents and wrapping supplies may cost more.

Shopping late also means a higher risk of the gift you want is out of stock. You end up with costlier options or substitute gifts instead of what you originally had in mind.

You settle with a gift you’re not happy with or worse — end up empty-handed.

Everyone is rushing to get home in the holidays so a traffic jam or delayed flight means you don’t have time to stop at a store. Let’s say your last-minute shopping failed and you’re still hoping to come up with a present. Since it’s also a bit too late for a perfect DIY project, you might have to choose between nothing or an obviously crammed/unprepared gift.

You put yourself at a greater risk for fraud.

Like said earlier, last-minute shoppers get desperate and sellers know that well. Fraud attempts grow during the holiday season so if you’re not careful, you might spend time and possibly more money dealing with the problem. That, and it increases the stress you’re already feeling from trying to do your holiday shopping at the last minute.

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Liz Perez