How to Stay Strong During Sale Seasons

Are you one of those who wait for a sale day and an impulsive add to cart person? Well, we can’t blame you because online shopping is so convenient and can you really save you money than buying them personally in physical stores. But having easy access can turn it into a bad habit.  Add to cart and check out plus the shipping fee can be deadly. (image source)

Here are some helpful tips to cut out on your spending during the sale season

Block your access to the shops

One easy way to avoid impulse buying is to block them on your own. You can customize your browser in its setting to block some sites. It will also be best if you delete your history and cache first so you will see fewer ads from them. There are many ways to block the site. Read here for detailed instructions on how to block sites from your browser to your mobile phone.

Remove all your credit cards or any payment method

After purchasing some items before, most of the time your payment option will be saved on the device. This is actually a marketing technique so that you will purchase more. Don’t fall from their tricks.Having that saved will not make you think if you really need to buy that item. 

Write a logbook for all the things you spend 

This is a great wake up call for you. You might not feel it but clicking that check out four times a month can cost you a lot of bucks. So imagine seeing the value and think what if you save that amount per month. How much money should you be holding now?

Stick to the 30-day rule

Wait for 30 days before you make a purchase and ask yourself if you still need it. If not, then better remove it on your cart.  Sometimes, you just think you really need it and you would save a lot. You will look at it differently after waiting 30 days if you are still passionate about getting the item. 

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Liz Perez