Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Persona 5

Persona 5 is the sixth installment of the Persona series and it is about to steal your heart. This action-packed roleplaying game will make you go around virtual Tokyo, and end the corrupted hearts of hidden criminals while acing your test in Shujin Academy. (image source)

And here are more reasons why Persona 5 became the best game in 2017. And why it’s never too late to play it

Art style

One requirement to be a Phantom Thieves is one slick costume, and of course kickass art style. Those intense red and black will make you go hype in very heist you will go through as the story goes. 

Strong storyline & Solid Characters

Each character has their own story that will make you emotionally attached to them. Ren Amamiya, the protagonist, was a falsely accused criminal that was sent to Shibuya. He really just wanted to live a peaceful high school life until he accepted that he has a rebellious heart that screams for justice in a corrupted society. 

Explore virtual Japan

Unlike in the other installments of the Persona series, the setting of Persona 5 is based on real modern-day Japan. Experience the Japan Culture, go around Tokyo, and spend your nightlife in Shinjuku. All locations have their own activities you can enjoy after you go to school. 

Spend time with your friends or girlfriends (Yes with S)

The most exciting part of being a student is meeting your friends, receiving chocolates on Valentine’s day, or maybe go on secret dates with your doctor or your teacher. This is all possible when you go out and socialize with other characters of the game. And just like in real life you develop new skills or learn more when you established a deeper bond. It’s like making friends be a better thief.


Befriend a cat and bring it to your classroom

The cute mascot of Phantom Thieves is none other than Morgana the cat. He believes his true form is a human, and he follows you so you could look to his history together. He fits in the bag so well that you bring him on the train, inside the classroom, and even in the library. 

Other Persona Series reference.

If you are a big fan of the whole Persona franchise, you know very well that Atlus loves to put easter eggs per installment. Watch out for Rise on the Poster in the Shibuya Station Square, Amagi Inn, and the girl who knows Kung Fu.

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Liz Perez