Barbie’s Youtube Channel Is A Gift To Mankind, No One Can Convince Me Otherwise

Did you know that Barbie has a YouTube channel where she posts content just like that of other vloggers? She does! (Yes, I mean the animated Barbie.) With a massive following of 7.84M subscribers, too. The best part is that not all subscribers are teens, a lot of fans are actually adults.

Barbie, the iconic American doll, has extended her fanbase online with viewers being hooked to her vlogs where she gives relatable advice on life’s biggest challenges. Adults, in particular, like them because she has a mature and ‘woke’ outlook on different issues.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out some of her videos! A lot of the vlogs seem like ‘typical Youtuber stuff.’ For example, these three:

Barbie: A Day in the Life | Barbie Vlogs
Barbie and Ken’s Elevator Challenge | Barbie Vlogs
Not My Arms Challenge | Barbie Vlogs

Silly, right? Viewers especially love content like these where she gets real and surprisingly wise:

Be True To You | Barbie Vlogs
Feeling Blue? You’re not alone. | Barbie Vlogs
How To Forgive Someone | Barbie Vlogs

And hey, you know our girl’s talented! We’re Taking Over is just the most recent of many exciting music videos she has on her channel.

Barbie – We’re Taking Over (Official Music Video)

Barbie has the ultimate resume. I mean, who wouldn’t with over 150 jobs? Our gal likes to share her love of knowledge by posting educational content, too.

Ask Barbie About Science Experiments! | Barbie
Weird But True Fun Animal Facts with Chelsea! | Barbie Vlogs

And that’s not even all. Check out her channel for more videos! she collaborates with friends and well-known people, you know.

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Liz Perez