These Cat-lover Male Celebs Are Nothing But Wholesome

When we meet a guy who loves kids, we fall for his patience and affection towards the little, naughty human beings. But what attracts ladies most is when the handsome looking fella loves felines. (image source)

We know how much an attention seeker they can be. Though they are independent, they love to be cuddled, petted and taken care of.

Gilles Marini believes that learning to take care of animals makes you a better person.

Ricky Gervais is a sweet owner as he showed his love through creating a Facebook page dedicated to his cat, Ollie.

Morrissey has a special connection with cats, ever since he was in his younger years he has fallen in love with how intelligent and independent cats were.
If there’s a human Morrisey, there’s also a cat Morrisey. The iconic singer, Russell Brand has named his cat after the legendary singer, Morrisey.

Norman Reedus made a Twitter Account for his cat with the username @NormansCat


Nyjer Morgan adopted a cat from an animal shelter year 2011. He named his cat Slick Willie, which he treats as his best friend now.
Cairo, Macklemore’s cat has 59k followers on IG.

The Lost and Vampire Diaries star, Ian Somerhalder loves his kid, Mokes calling himself “Moke’s Dad”.

The couple, Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore adopt cats and call their house “Little Zoo” of cats and dogs.

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