Why Do Cats Make Great Pets?

Just like humans, animals have life and are worthy of compassion.  Instead of buying animals from breeders, they promote bringing home of sheltered animals though only a few people consider adopting when looking for a pet. (image source)

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider housing a sheltered cat. Here’s some of the following:

They are independent

You don’t have to worry about whether they’ll survive the day or how they will be entertained. Cats are smart and independent, meaning, they could find a way to look out for some food on the countertop, they would love to run after little things that move. 

They don’t need potty training

These cute felines know how to use their litter box without guidance, they know that it’s where they are to poop and pee.

They don’t really need to be groomed

Cats are naturally born as a hygienic creature, you can notice that they lick themselves, which is part of their grooming. You just need to do some combing to untangled hair and remove dead or loose hair on the skin. Once a year, you can also ask a vet to trim each nail and brush the teeth.

They don’t promote intense allergies 

In a study made, kids exposed to pets such as cats and dogs are less likely to develop allergies and respiratory issues. According to the study, “babies raised in a home with two or more dogs or cats were up to 77% less likely to develop various types of allergies at age 6 than kids raised without pets.”

They have ‘healing powers’

Many believe that cats have tremendous benefits to humans, psychologically, emotionally and physically. Having them can ease the feeling feelings of loneliness, and taking care of them gives you a sense of fulfillment. But what amazes many is how a cat’s purr helps to lower blood pressure, alleviate muscle tension and decrease dyspnea in humans. 

Adoption will only require you less cash-out, which falls mainly into the cat’s spay/neuter and vaccinations. With less, you’ll get more in return for your kindness, it will open a room to this deprived cat who needs to be welcomed and loved by a family. As reported, there are a massive number of stray, abused and lost cats, together with dogs that are turned-in to animal shelters.

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Liz Perez